СТОП 193.1!

Гэтая старонка прысьвечаная грамадзкай кампаніі за скасаваньне артыкула 193.1 КК РБ, які супярэчыць Канстытуцыі Рэспублікі Беларусь і міжнародным абавязкам, узятым на сябе нашай краінай. Кампанія ініцыяваная Асамблеяй няўрадавых дэмакратычных арганізацыяў...


Will Santa Clauses be imprisoned?

A group of Santa Clauses addressed the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Belarus, Ryhor Vasilevic, a written declaration, confessing that they take part in the activities of an unregistered association of Santa Clauses.

The voluntary surrender took place in Minsk, on October 15. The participants (about 10 of them), dressed in Santa Claus suits, came to the General Prosecutor’s Office and handed the declaration to an official.  The document stated the following:

"We inform you that we take part in the activities of the public association of Santa Clauses, which did not pass the process of state registration in the organs of Justice of the Republic of Belarus. For many years our unregistered association have been performing the following activities: organizing celebrations of Christmas and New Year’s Eve in different regions of Belarus, distributing Christmas gifts (among minors as well), speaking at meetings, as well as expressing congratulations in printed and other media."

Bearing in mind the fact, that activities of unregistered public associations in the Republic of Belarus are prohibited, the initiators of the action requested the General Prosecutor in a written form to give a full legal evaluation of their “dirty santa-claus actions”.

By their actions, the participants of the performance wanted to draw attention to the absurdity of Article 193.1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, which impedes criminal responsibility for participating in the activities of unregistered organizations.

The happening was held in the frames of the campaign "Stop 193.1!", Initiated by the Assembly of NGOs in Belarus.

At some moment a man in plain clothes (it's only his shoulder is visible on the following picture - right upper part), attacked a photographer, trying to twist his hands. After being encircled by cameras and microphones he refused to say his name or position or the service he works for, but stated that the journalist just taken prohibited picture of Prosecutor's Office, which could be used "for planning of a terrorist attack". After several minutes of scandal he left photographer alone.

The event was finished by public reading of Santa Clauses' declaration in a grand manner.