СТОП 193.1!

Гэтая старонка прысьвечаная грамадзкай кампаніі за скасаваньне артыкула 193.1 КК РБ, які супярэчыць Канстытуцыі Рэспублікі Беларусь і міжнародным абавязкам, узятым на сябе нашай краінай. Кампанія ініцыяваная Асамблеяй няўрадавых дэмакратычных арганізацыяў...


Santa Clauses Got A Response From The General Prosector’s Office


The Assembly received a letter from the General Prosecutor’s Office,
signed by the Head of the Department of Implementation of Citizens’
Rights Supervision, Mr. Radyneu. The document states that in case the
activities of Santa Clauses have systematic character, a charge may be
brought against them.

Just to remind you: in October, a group of Santa Clauses voluntarily
surrendered to the General Prosecutor's Office. Participants of the
happening handed to the Prosecutor a written declaration, confessing
that they have been taken part in the activities of an unregistered
association of Santa Clauses for many years and asking to give a legal
assessment of their activities. They admitted that they have been
organizing celebrations of Christmas and New Year’s Eve in different
regions of Belarus, distributing Christmas gifts (among minors as
well), speaking at meetings, as well as expressing congratulations in
printed and other media."

In their letter, addressed to Santa Clauses, prosecutors once again
reminded that the activities of unregistered public associations on
the territory of the Republic of Belarus is prohibited. It was also
noted that “if a systematic and organized participation of individuals
in the activities of an unregistered public association are proved,
the individuals may be prosecuted”.

However, as the lawyer of the Assembly of NGOs Yury Chavusau stresses,
the prosecutors did not pay attention to the voluntary surrender of
the Santas: “Actually, the officials did not give any legal assessment
to the concrete situation with Santa Clauses, they just quoted
Belarusian legislation… Probably the question of the criminal
responsibility of Santas will become a burning issue in the end of
December, at Christmas time”.

Article 193.1 “Illegal organization of activities of a public
association, religious organization or foundation or participation in
those activities” still remains in force. 17 persons have been
convicted under this article during 4 years.